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Student Success Center

Student Success Center
Students can shop for necessities!

The newly opened Student Success Center encompasses a variety of new spaces for students to do just that- succeed! LFO staff planned and worked for months to bring this much needed opportunity to the students. Partnering with local businesses, such as Communities In Schools, Shaw, Roper, CCPS, and more, they have created a space for students to feel empowered and connected to the resources available to them.

The SSC features four key components- Student Services, Student Center, Utility Room, and Student Resources. In the Student Services room three cubicles and a conference table are available, ready for any outside resource agency to come visit. These agencies may include Georgia Hope, Vocational Rehab, Department of Juvenile Justice, Parents as Teachers, DFCS, and many more. The Student Center features an inviting atmosphere with modern furniture and amenities such as an espresso maker, a popcorn machine, a hot chocolate maker, and a lava lamp. These attributes help make the students feel welcome when they come in for peer tutoring or alternative assignments. This space is truly open for a multitude of opportunities! The next facet is the Utility Room that features a brand new washer and dryer for students to be able to wash clothes while they are at school. This area includes a clothes closet, complete with interview clothes that can be borrowed. The last facet is the Student Resource room, where students can come for food, toiletries, school supplies, and other resources.
The Student Success Center, a newly renovated space, ensures that every student at LFO will be encouraged, challenged, equipped, and motivated to succeed.


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